Award Winning Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator (SOA)


München - Hamburg - Germany



since    2009    I    shoot    pictures    for:

google - mercedes-benz - aok - ver.di - toyota - audi - renault - schwarzkopf - l'oréal professionnel - kisssalis - coach carter - africa festival würzburg - ewe - enera - ard - hamburger sparkasse - rotkäppchen sekt - pabst transport - mercator leasing - fitfox - netspirits - design3 - zdf - arte - slgh - yourfone - filmakademie baden-württenberg - bayer - peri - sky - appassionata - bsn medical - schmidt theater - elbtonal percussion - engel und voelkers - hairtalk - nextmedia hamburg & more




4 Steadicam Workshops ( incl. STEADICAMP 2016 & TIFFEN GOLD Workshop 2013 with Larry McConkey, Garrett Brown, Peter Robertson, Jörg Widmer etc.)

BETZ RIG HD 12/24V - to power ARRI ALEXA etc.

TIFFEN G70 ARM up to 32KG - strong for heavy cinema anamorphic lenses and 3D Rigs

Sachtler ACT2 Vest - fits perfect for slim and strong operator;).

Transvideo CineHD 6" - super bright, strong and heavy.

Transvideo Monitor Bracket - 1 min. easy flip to low mode without new balancing.

GPI PRO Low Mode Bracket - Steadicam can kiss the floorr, so low...

Walter Klassen Hard / Vehicle Mount with Mitchell Plate - shoot from a dolly, rickshaw, carmount, drive...

California Sunbounce PRO Windkiller - steadicam enemy no. 1 = WIND, this KILLER is defending us.

Chrosziel Aladin 2 Channel Focus Remote - with ARRI ALEXA & RED Monstro Start - Stop

7 x IDX 95Wh / 98Wh CORE DUO - we need power!

and many more tools, cables, plates, rods, c-stand, golden steadiboy on top.


BOOZ - Bounce auf den Beat (Musikvideo)

Regie / Kamera & Steadicam / Schnitt: Johannes Ziegler

Shot in ARRI ALEXA & Ultra Primes

Hamburg UNITED Studios


#2016 - Steadicam & Director of Photography - Cinematographer - Commercial - Werbung - Fashion - Beauty - Showreel

I'm a award winning Cinematographer and Filmmaker.


With "Two Sugars as Always", we run at over 14 Filmfestivals. The Film won the "Newbie Award" at the Independent Days Karlsruhe 2015 and was selected by the Goethe Institut for Soiree Allemande.


My short documentary "KRUMP" was screened in 2017 at more than 10 Filmfestivals and won the "Special Jury Award" at the New Zealand Film Awards 2017 and at the Madrid Art Filmfestival!


My new Film "Tears of the Olive" has already 6 Festival and won the Rector Award at the 34th agrofilm festival in Nitra Slowakia.


Director: Jan M. Brinkmann

Director of Photography: Sebastian Ganschow

Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler


Showreel Content, shot with Cameras: Canon C500 4K Aja Pro Quad, Canon C300, Canon 5D Mark3, Sony F3 with ARRI High Speed Lenses, Black Magic 4K Production Kamera.


Stabilizer Systems: Steadicam Tiffen Flyer SE, Sachtler Artemis Cine HD Pro RED Edition, GPI Pro, Steadicam Tiffen, Betz Rig HD.

enera Flexmarkt - Gelingt so die Energiewende?

Shot for EWE in Oldenburg, Cuxhaven, Bremen and Niedersachsen.

Director and Producer: Steffen Boseckert

Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Shot on RED RAVEN 4.5K RAW with Canon Cine Primes

Gaffer: Dennis Schurtakow


for booking contact us:
Director: Johannes Ziegler
1AD: Akim Trueller
Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler
1AC / Focus Puller: Jakob Tobias Fahr
Gaffer / Oberbeleuchter: Peter Assmann
Sound: Elias Müller
Editor: Johannes Ziegler
Color Grading: Samuel Muff
Digital Artist: Verena Huber
Setrunner: Vincent Wingold

Naturgewalt - Der Film Official 4K Version (Canon C500 Aja Ki Pro Quad 4K)

Drehort: Würzburg, Deutschland & Verona, Italien - Germany / Italy

Director: Steffen Boseckert

Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Executive Producer Flavio Simonetti

Mercedes G-Class - Stronger than Time.
Last shots with the finished Amber Cube & The interactive 180° Cube @ the official G-Class Website by Johannes Ziegler Steadicam & DOP
Agency: antoni
Production: Markenfilm Crossing

Pabst Transport - Wir liefern Bestleistung (Imagefilm, ARRI AMIRA 2K)

Drehort / Location: Würzburg, Deutschland - Germany

Director: Steffen Martina Chamrad

Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Original Foundation I bareMinerals - Mineral Make-Up DEZ 2018

Beauty & Make-Up - Commercial

I produced and shot 2 Spot for the new social media campaign!

Shot on RED RAVEN with Sigma Art Lenses.

Production, Director of Photography & Postproduction Service: Johannes Ziegler

Kontraste - authentic.mindcore (Reference Reel, Canon 5D MK III, Atomos Ninja 2)

Drehort / Location: Hamburg, Deutschland - Germany

Director: Steffen Boseckert

Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Renault Passion Tour - Shot on RED EPIC + Carl Zeiss HS 16mm

Drehort / Location: Hamburg, Lamspringe Deutschland - Germany

Director: Christial Striboll

Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Zwei Zucker (Two Sugars as Always) - Shortfilm

Drehort / Location: Hamburg, Deutschland - Germany

Director: Thore Schwemann

Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Cindy Reller EPK

Director: Christian Striboll

DOP & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Filmproduktion: Sterntaucher Filmproduktion Hamburg

1AC: Katharina Elvers

Yourfone - Your Deal TV Spot / Werbespot

Director: Jan Litzinger

Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Production Company: Panda Pictures GmbH München

Ralle Glockenbach - Jede Stimme zählt (Musikvideo)

Drehort / Location: München, Deutschland - Germany

Director: Steffen Boseckert

Director of Photography (DP) & Steadicam Operator: Johannes Ziegler

Johannes Ziegler // Director of Photography // DP // Cinematographer // Steadicam Operator

Cinema // Kino // Langfilm // Kurzfilm // Werbefilm // Imagefilm // Filmkameramann // Fashion Film // Beauty

Hamburg - München - Würzburg - Berlin - Köln -Babelsberg - Stuttgart // Deutschland // Germany // Schweiz // Switzerland // EUROPE // EU // WORLDWIDE // Kameramann-Filmproduktion-Cameraman-Cinematography-Filmmaker